Tyrrell Riding Academy

Our Story


If ever there was a case for those who believe all things happen for reason, Tyrrell Riding Academy is it. As a child, Jessica Tyrrell was a competitive figure skater spending most of her hours on the ice. Until she was involved in a car accident at the age of 13 that left her unable to continue. She needed to rebuild the strength in her body and in her mind and was given a myriad of low impact sports to choose from. Among her choices, riding. She couldn’t have known then but it was the beginning of a passion that would dictate the course of the rest of her life. Her easy way of being and unparalleled ability to impart her knowledge to her students put her in such high demand over the years that the only next logical step was to build a place to teach and ride of her own, thus Tyrrell Riding Academy was born.

Jessica has ridden, trained under numerous instructors and competed in multiple disciplines for over 20 years and is a certified coach with the Alberta Equestrian Federation. She is the owner, head coach and trainer at TRA. She is shadowed by her daughter Helen Tyrrell, a talented rider in her own right. Helen has competed successfully in multiple disciplines, is a Level 4 Western Rider and official “Trainer in Training.”

To our Boarders

Premium quality care is an absolute priority at Tyrrell Riding Academy and we look after each horse as if it was our own. We like to say “home for your horses and home away from home for you.”

To our Students

Tyrrell Riding Academy is dedicated to every equestrian seeking to better themselves and their relationship with their equine partners. It is our mission to create a community of friendship and learning where riders can come to grow their abilities and be supported in their endeavors, be they competitive or family orientated.

To our Visitors

We seek to create a welcoming and educational environment that is both safe and comfortable for you and your equine partner.


Not only is she a coach, but a mentor. Always treats all the kids as if they were her own.-Janelle Doyle

Jessica is an advocate to including everyone! She loves to give everyone an opportunity to try things they otherwise would never try!!
She is an encourager but never pushy!
Lovely lady!-Karen Elliott

We have had the pleasure to both buy and sell horses with Jessica. Her training, consistency and accountability makes her one of the best when looking for a horse to purchase or sell. She acts as a wonderful advocate when looking at or purchasing a horse whether it’s you first or tenth! She delivers exceptional advice and guidance to both the buyer and seller! Highly recommend!-Lark Hamilton

Jessica has been an amazing coach to my daughter! She teaches with expertise and dedication. She consistently finds new ways to challenge the rider and their horse. I feel so privileged to have her as my daughters coach.-Natasha Kent

I love riding with Jess because no matter what is happening she stays calm and helps translate that to me. I suffer from a physical disability as well as anxiety and as much as I love riding, I usually lose confidence and quit. Jess has been amazing at helping me overcome both of my disabilities to become a stronger and more confident person. -Amanda Redmond

“A great horse will change your life, the truly special ones define it…”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take lessons if I don’t own my own horse? Expand

Yes! Absolutely! We have horses suited to the needs of every level of rider from beginner to competitive.

I don’t have a trailer. Will I still be able to participate in activities? Expand

You are in luck! Tyrrell Riding Academy will be hosting several competitions and clinics ON SITE throughout the year. That said, it is usually not a problem to share a trailer with someone else going to an event you would like to participate in. Popular outings are organized in such a way that travel can be accommodated for as many people and horses as possible.

How often are horses fed? Expand

Horses are fed high quality hay, three times daily.

What should I wear to my riding lesson? Expand

Comfortable clothing is usually recommended. DON’T wear your favorite pair of jeans and most expensive sweater. You are probably going to get dirty. Boots with a heel are a MUST for safety reasons, as is a helmet for all students under the age of 18. Riding attire specific to an event or discipline is always discussed with students as the need arises.


After carefully collecting data using only the most scientific methods, we have found that the riders of Tyrrell Riding Academy are:

Happier after barn time 100%

Less likely to complete household chores 95%

More likely to spend entire paychecks at the tack store 110%
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