Come Ride With Us.

English and Western Riding Lessons in the Calgary/ Strathmore area:

Tyrrell Riding Academy offers lessons in both English and Western disciplines from beginner to competitive.

  • Group
  • Private
  • Lunge Line
  • Rookie Rider

Contact us for details on each program.

riding lessons at the academy Horses touching noses

What makes us different?

Riding lessons at the Academy are usually goal orientated. Whether your goal is to simply become comfortable around horses, post the trot, participate in your first equestrian event or something more ambitious like competing at a National level or racing in the ABRA, we have the right program for you!



“When you pay for a lesson or training, you aren’t buying an hour of my time. You’re paying for thousands of hours of sweat, struggle, success and tears. You’re buying injuries, mistakes and revelations. You’re buying nights awake thinking about a horse or student I need to help more. You’re buying hours of hauling hay, mucking stalls and grooming, of carefully checking your horse over like it was my own. You’re paying for my further education, because I still take lessons as frequently as possible. You’re paying for my care, concern, over dinner conversation, and you inevitably become a central part of my life. You can’t put a price on education or personal development, or the bliss of finally being “with” a horse. Thank you for sharing with me, and letting me teach you, while I put food on my table and hay in my barn with the most fulfilling job ever.”

-Beautifully written by the eloquent Amy Skinner.




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